Nasser Ovissi, ‘Iranian, Born 1934’ “Four Blue Squares” Oil on Canvas Painting


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Nasser Ovissi, (Iranian, Born 1934) “Four Blue Squares” oil on canvas painting.

Very fine quality painting by Persian Artist Nasser Ovissi who is considered to be known as the “Picasso of Iran”.

This paintings is four in one. Each corner of the painting represents something else in the Middle-Eastern tradition.

The top right corner is representing the passion for Arabian horses.
The top left corner is representing the traditional fish and eyes against evil eye.
The lower right corner is representing the traditional turquoise colored ceramics.
The lower left corner is representing the Holy House of Prayer.

Very interesting and unique combination, this painting will create a beautiful, warm energetic in any room that it’s placed. A true, modern Iranian masterpiece.

Oil on canvas, unframed.


Size: 30″ high x 40″ wide

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Nasser Ovissi (1934, Iranian/American)

Height: 30 in. (76.2 cm)
Width: 40 in. (101.6 cm)


21st Century


Nasser Ovissi is an American-Iranian painter whose work is characterized by stylized figures of Arabic women and horses. Set amidst geometric patterns and decorative elements, his figures seem to merge into and out of the space behind them. “My work is dedicated to the beauty of life and I hope those who experience my work will walk away with an experience of beauty.” Born in Tehran, Iran in 1934, Ovissi studied Law and Political Sciences at the University of Tehran before studying Fine art at Beaux Fine Art in Rome. The artist has achieved numerous awards and honors, including being exhibited at the 1959 Paris Biennial and a grand prize at the 1962 Biennale of fine arts of Tehran. Ovissi lives and works in Reston, VA. His works are included in the collections of the Contemporary Art Museum in Madrid and the National Art Gallery of Greece in Athens.

Artist Exhibitions:
1957 Tehran, First Prize 1959 Paris Biennial 1960 Tehran, Exhibition in Farhang Hall, during the International Congress of Music 1961 Exhibition in Bombay, India New Delhi, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Tehran, Iran, First Prize in Drawing Competition 1962 Tehran Biennial (Abyaz Palace), Grand Prize of the Biennial Venice, Italy Biennial 1963 Paris, Museum of Modern Art; Exhibition of Iranian Painters Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil 1964 Tehran Biennial, Grand Prize 1965 Rome, National Museum of Oriental Art 1966 Milan, San Fedele Gallery 1968 Rome: Gallery 88 Florence, International Biennial of Graphic Arts New York, Columbia University, Modern Iranian Art Italy, Gold Medal at the Campione International Salon 1969 Zurich, Huber Gallery 1970 Ankara, Fine Arts Gallery 1971 Rome, Temple University Athens, Fine Arts Salon New York, Columbia University Washington, Agra Gallery 1972 Paris, Autumn Salon, Grand Palais Paris, Guiot Gallery Ottawa, National Art Center Ottawa, University of Ottawa Baltimore, John Hopkins Gallery Brussels, Palace of Fine Arts 1973 Belgrade, Museum of Modern Art Monaco, International Art Exhibition (Grand Prize) 1976 Basel, Feriart 1977 Madrid, Bruaugut Gallery 1978 Valence, Artis Gallery 1978 Madrid, Contemporary Art Museum 1979 Caracas, Guipuzcoa Gallery 1981 Washington, D.C., Calvert Collection 1982 Dallas, International Art Exhibition 1983 Houston, Texas, Galeria Arte 1984 Pasadena, Pacific Asia Museum Washington, D.C., Calvert Collection Washington, D.C., World Bank New York, Leila Taghinia-Milani Gallery 1985 Paris (France), Mille et Une Nuits New York: Taghinia-Milani Gallery Washington, D.C., Calvert Collection 1986 New York, Mussavi Art Center Washington D.C., Fine Arts Gallery, Georgetown Park Vancouver (Canada), The Art Circle Visalia (California), The Art Circle 1987 New York, Art Expo Cadiz (Spain), Sato Grande Fairfax (Virginia), Broadway Gallery 1988 Los Angeles, Galeria Arte Washington, D.C., Fine Arts Gallery, Georgetown Park McLean (Virginia), Abott Gallery Geneva (Switzerland), Bronze Gallery 1989 New York, Mussavi Art Center San Francisco, Hourian Art Gallery 1990 Montreal (Canada), Maison d’Art Saint Laurent Maui (Hawaii), Metropolitan Art Gallery 1991 Montreal (Canada), Maison d’Art Saint Laurent Austin (Texas), University of Texas Art Gallery New York, Elaine Benson Gallery Maui (Hawaii), Metropolitan Gallery Boca Raton (Florida), Curzon Gallery 1992 Maui (Hawaii), Metropolitan Gallery New York, Space Gallery McLean (Virginia), Tower Club Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Town Center 1993 Cambridge (Massachusetts), Harvard University Maui (Hawaii), Metropolitan Gallery Boca Raton (Florida), Curzon Gallery Washington, DC, Very Special Art Gallery 1994 Tokyo (Japan), Metropolitan Gallery Maui (Hawaii), Metropolitan Gallery Osaka (Japan), Metropolitan Gallery Detroit (Michigan), Michigan University Montreux (Canada), Aurom Gallery Boca Raton (Florida), Curzon Gallery 1995 Washington, DC, Designer Art Gallery 1996 Great Exhibition at Art Festival, Kuwait 1997 Montreal (Canada), Maison d’Art Saint Laurent Tokyo (Japan), Metropolitan Gallery Maui (Hawaii), Metropolitan Gallery Osaka (Japan), Metropolitan Gallery 1998 Fez (Morocco), Sufi Music Festival Los Angeles (California), Exhibition Art Centre Hawaii, Dole Gallery 1999 London (U.K.), Bourlet Gallery Montreux (Switzerland), The Oriental Palace Cyprus, Hilton Hotel Nicosia 2000 Sacramento (California), Sacramento State Library San Bernardo (California), San Bernardo Art Museum Bilbao (Spain), Galeria Uranga

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2004 Nour Foundation, New York: 2005 Arta Gallery, Toronto Hourian Gallery, San Francisco 2006 Iranian Doctors Association, San Diego Iranian Cultural Association, Chicago Iranian Cultural Association, New Jersey 2007 Nour Foundation, New York

Awards: 1957- First Prize in Painting Exhibition in Tehran, Iran 1961- First Prize in Drawing Competition in Tehran, Iran 1962- Grand Prize in the Biennale of Fine Arts of Tehran, Iran 1964- Fourth Prize, Biennale of Tehran 1968- Gold Medal, International Exhibition of Campione, Italy 1974- Grand Prize, Monaco Contemporary Art Exhibition, France

Collections: In Italy, France, England, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, India, Sweden, Canada, Spain, United States of America and Iran

New York University Art Collection, Abby Grey Collection, New York National Art Gallery of Athens, Greece Collection of Farah Pahlavi Fine Arts Museum of North Carolina Art Museum of Campione, Italy Contemporary Art Museum, Madrid, Spain Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran Contemporary Art Museum, Kerman, Iran National Library Art Collection, Madrid, Spain Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, Iran Contemporary Art Museum, Rome, Italy.